Apple Magic Mouse Won’t Reconnect After Battery Change

Magic Mouse is Not So Magic When The Batteries Die

Usually I don’t have any problems when I get the notice that my magic mouse needs new juice. I switch it off, change the batteries, and usually when I switch it back on it reconnects automatically. But every once in a while it just does not want to reconnect. Sometimes I have a USB mouse handy, but it is really sad to have to connect another mouse just to get my Magic mouse working again.

Keyboard Access To Bluetooth Menu

If you have your bluetooth status displayed in the menubar reconnecting with the keyboard is a fairly simple matter. You can access the bluetooth menu with Control-fn-F8 (assuming your keyboard is in “special features” mode which uses the F keys for things like sound and brightness.) otherwise you can just hit Control-F8.

Once you have the Bluetooth menu focused you can use the down arrow key to navigate to your mouse, right arrow to select the submenu and return to “Connect.” In a few seconds you should be all set.

Of course if you have bluetooth menubar status off, you’ll have to continue reading.

Keyboard Navigation in OS X

In the Windows world you can fairly easily navigate most things with the keyboard, but other than Command-Tabbing through open apps and other obvious shortcuts I could not think how I would get to the bluetooth mouse settings so I did a little research.

First Time Keyboard Setup

If you’ve regained control at this point and you just want to know how to navigate for the future this will be a little easier. You want to go to System Preferences->Keyboard->Keyboard Shortcuts  and change the radio button at the bottom for Full Keyboard Access to “All Controls”. That will give you the ability to navigate the controls you’ll need.

OS X Keyboard System Preferences

"All Controls" gives you keyboard access to... you guessed it! ALL CONTROLS!

Now, if you’re reading this on another system trying to figure out how to regain control of your frozen mouse don’t worry, you can do this with your keyboard. If you looked at the screenshot above you should see one hint, control F7 will change the setting, but you have to get there first.

Navigate System Preferences with the Keyboard

If you have your keyboard setup to use the function (F#) keys as “special features” (brightness, mute, volume etc) which is the default, you can just hit Option-F1 to pop open the display preferences. If you are set up to use the F keys as F keys, you will probably need Option-fn-F1.

Alternatively you can get to the System Preferences by typing Control-fn-F3 in “special feature mode” or Control-F3 in F key mode. Now you can use the arrow keys to navigate to System Preferences, and hit return to open it.

  • Command-L will show all preferences.
  • k – to highlight “keyboard”
  • Spacebar – Open keyboard preferences
  • Control-F7 (Control-fn-F7 for special features mode) – will toggle Full Keyboard access (you want “All controls”Smilie: ;)

Connect Bluetooth Mouse In Keyboard All controls mode

Assuming you are still in the System Preferences panel it is fairly easy to reconnect your mouse (if not, read the above section far enough to get to system preferences).

  • Command-L – Show all system preferences
  • b – Highlight bluetooth
  • Spacebar – Open bluetooth preferences
Hopefully at this point you can see your mouse and it says “Not Connected,” if it is the only bluetooth device it should already be selected.
  • Tab (repeateadly, about six times) – select Gear icon below devices list
  • Down Arrow, twice- Show menu, select “Connect”
  • Return
After a few seconds you should be back in business!
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