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Complex Sass mixins with defaults and multiple arguments

Sass Mixins SASS mixins are a very handy way to create snippets of CSS that can easily be reused and updated. In a recent project I needed to add some CSS transitions to several elements. A mixin seemed like the … Continue reading

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Recursively Delete all files with names matching a Regular Expression

Logical Progression of building a command line trick So lets take this step by step… First list all the files Lets get a recursive list of all files in the current directory… 12$ find . …LOTS of files… Find filenames … Continue reading

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Force Secondary Name Server to Reload Domain

Ok, the situation is I just updated my primary name server (BIND on Linux.) In most cases with everything configured properly (and assuming you updated the “serial” in your zone configuration,) the change should propagate quickly. But if something goes … Continue reading

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Resize EBS volume attached to Amazon Web Services EC2 instance

Resizing EBS volume Unfortunately, you can not currently resize an EBS volume on the fly. However, you can¬†pretty easily resize with a quick reboot. The process is as follows: Create a snapshot of your current volume Create a new volume … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word Export to PDF without borders

Creating PDFs With no White Borders When designing documents I often like to have logos and images go to the edge of the document. Unfortunately when I print or save as PDF from Word I was unable to create a … Continue reading

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IE 7 or 8 Won’t Load My CSS Files

CSS files not working in Internet Exploder Explorer 7 or 8? Did you know there is a limit on the number of CSS files Internet Explorer will load? After 31 css files Internet Explorer will just ignore additional css links. … Continue reading

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Apple Magic Mouse Won’t Reconnect After Battery Change

Magic Mouse is Not So Magic When The Batteries Die Usually I don’t have any problems when I get the notice that my magic mouse needs new juice. I switch it off, change the batteries, and usually when I switch … Continue reading

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OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Preview 1 VMware Tools Kernel Panic

Testing Mountain Lion OS X 10.8 in VMware When trying to install VMware tools in OS X 10.8 preview 1 there seems to be a bit of an incompatibility. Everything works fine installing up to that point. So you have … Continue reading

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VMware Fusion 4 Black Screen

Screensaver and Power Options Ever since upgrading to VMware Fusion 4 I have been intermittently getting a black screen when VMware has been in the background for a while. Looking at the thumbnail for the machine¬†in the “Virtual Machine Library” … Continue reading

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How can I configure different emails for different Git servers or repositories?

“.gitconfig” in your home directory If you’re like me, and you wanted to configure a different email for different repo’s the first place you look is ~/.gitconfig. This is the default configuration for git for your account. You can set … Continue reading

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