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Recursively Delete all files with names matching a Regular Expression

Logical Progression of building a command line trick So lets take this step by step… First list all the files Lets get a recursive list of all files in the current directory… 12$ find . …LOTS of files… Find filenames … Continue reading

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How can I configure different emails for different Git servers or repositories?

“.gitconfig” in your home directory If you’re like me, and you wanted to configure a different email for different repo’s the first place you look is ~/.gitconfig. This is the default configuration for git for your account. You can set … Continue reading

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How to install telnet client in Windows 7

The Traditional Windows Install By default Windows 7 does not have the telnet client available, but you can fix that by the normal “add and remove windows components route”… Start > Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on … Continue reading

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Subversion security issues – .svn directory has your source code in it

Stop Publishing Your Source! Well, unless you’re working on an Open Source project that is. Many of the developers I have worked with on web based apps use a working copy for development purposes or even for staging servers (as … Continue reading

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Find out what process is listening on a particular port on a Linux server

I was recently trying to debug an app that had gone rouge on a server because of a PHP upgrade. It was a web based application listening on a particular port and after the upgrade it just returned 500 server … Continue reading

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Find all .htaccess files with a particular php configuration setting

After some testing on a server with a strange setup I needed to find all of the .htaccess files that might contain a particular php configuration directive. The pattern was unique enough that I would have probably just done a … Continue reading

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How to Clean Up a Mac File in VI with ^M Line Endings

Replacing ^M with new line in VI Have you ever edited a file in VI that was created with a Mac text editor only to find you have one very long line with ^M characters where you are expecting line … Continue reading

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