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How to Clean Up a Mac File in VI with ^M Line Endings

Replacing ^M with new line in VI Have you ever edited a file in VI that was created with a Mac text editor only to find you have one very long line with ^M characters where you are expecting line … Continue reading

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How do I find out what my IP address is?

Or what does my browser look like to the outside world? One of the problems with various kinds of network configurations and security is it might be a little hard to judge how your surfing looks to computers on the … Continue reading

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Database error fix… mysqldump: Couldn’t execute show create table view

Today I found that my automated MySQL backups have been choking for the last few days with “mysqldump: Couldn’t execute show create table view” because I recently added a view to one of the databases. Apparently the backup user needs … Continue reading

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Visual Studio “VC package not available or not registered”

Run Visual Studio Repair, usually this is due to an older install of VS even possibly on another OS install on the same system. Even if you just installed, the repair will re-register the DLLs and (hopefully) fix the problem. … Continue reading

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