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OSX Terminal Lock Up or Session Freeze

I usually have at least one terminal window open with a secure shell connection to my server while I’m working. I’m just that kind of crazy person who likes to do some things on the command line. (Ok, most things, … Continue reading

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Database error fix… mysqldump: Couldn’t execute show create table view

Today I found that my automated MySQL backups have been choking for the last few days with “mysqldump: Couldn’t execute show create table view” because I recently added a view to one of the databases. Apparently the backup user needs … Continue reading

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IIS Unexpected Error 0x8ffe2740 When Trying to Start a Website

Something else is listening on the port that IIS is trying to bind to. Port 80 by default. Historically Skype was a common culprit. Stop Skype then you should be able to start IIS and restart Skype. Of course then … Continue reading

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