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Heller Software


US Government

Working with a US Navy contractor. Our designers and developers managed the enhancement and optimization of scheduling software to organize all resources required to train Navy Pilots. Design encompassed maintenance schedules for high-performance aircraft, required downtime for pilots, on-staff and guest instructors and training facility resources.


Our software drives webites and data management tools for multi-national corporations. We have implemented high traffic websites and large scale marketing projects to help large corporations connect with their customers and respond to their needs in a more personal manner.


Our developers have written tools to mine healthcare data for clues to the earliest symptoms of various diseases. These patterns are then used to identify patients at risk for future disease allowing healthcare workers to work in a more preventative role.

From components that drive hundreds of the largest healthcare industry websites to tools used to evaluate the recovery of patients, our developers have the experience and professionalism to handle the securest of data.

We use a variety of industry and propitiatory tools to assure HIPAA and other regulatory compliance.

Small Business

Our years of experience and extensive array of in-house tools and components allow us to provide powerful solutions that fit the budget of even the smallest local businesses.

Our local clients include some of our favorite projects. We like to get to know you and find solutions that fit with the way you do business, rather than implement a tool that requires a change in your established business processes.