Subversion Update: Can’t move .svn/tmp/entries to .svn/entries: Operation not permitted

Just one little change to check in before the day is over, but my working copy needs to be updated first. Then I get this little gem of an error “Can’t move .svn/tmp/entries to .svn/entries: Operation not permitted”. It is not always entries, but one file or another in the .svn directory has become locked. Or more specifically has had the “user immutable” flag set. Not sure exactly what process has done this, but as a normal user the file is effectively locked from moving it. Which is exactly what Subversion is trying to do. But from the command line you can easily remove the flag

cd /home/me/svnworkingdir
chflags -Rv nouchg .
Chnge File Flags command line utility

-R recursive, -v Verbose (tells you which files changed)

To find out more…

man chflags
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