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VMware Fusion 4 Black Screen

Screensaver and Power Options Ever since upgrading to VMware Fusion 4 I have been intermittently getting a black screen when VMware has been in the background for a while. Looking at the thumbnail for the machineĀ in the “Virtual Machine Library” … Continue reading

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How to install telnet client in Windows 7

The Traditional Windows Install By default Windows 7 does not have the telnet client available, but you can fix that by the normal “add and remove windows components route”… Start > Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows features on … Continue reading

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Visual Studio “VC package not available or not registered”

Run Visual Studio Repair, usually this is due to an older install of VS even possibly on another OS install on the same system. Even if you just installed, the repair will re-register the DLLs and (hopefully) fix the problem. … Continue reading

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